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Our policy is dictated by the market. A market of industrial customers such as manufacturers of machines and wholesale companies. By working with different websites we can reach different target groups. Thanks to our user-friendly websites, there are also questions from the small self-employed, these are often served by our relations.

Most questions come from the Technical Wholesale

Our company has been setting the digital trend for 15 years, always modern, progressive and focused on finding answers quickly about pneumatics. The availability, price and delivery time must be visible at a glance. ICH has technically realized the best website and webshop in drive technology. A lot of money and time is invested in knowledge and modernization of our web shops.

Multi-brand in all pneumatic brands

All pneumatics brands have registered with ICH to present themselves at the most complete webshop in the Netherlands, in the field of pneumatics and solenoid valves (valves). The concentration of quality brands is unique and contributes to our success. The basis of that success are talented employees who devote their heart and soul to a customer-friendly organization with short lines, so that quick advice is guaranteed.

More from less

To distinguish ourselves in the pneumatics market, it was decided to train personnel in product knowledge. The choice was also made to sell more from less. Do not become a box shovel, but offer more famous brands from a technical point of view. Among the many "sticker" selling pneumatics, it was quite easy to stand out by only offering quality products.

For questions we are available 24/7.

On behalf of an enthusiastic ICH team.

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